I’ve recently read a fantastic book on breastfeeding. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to breastfeed. Or to anyone who doesn’t know what they want, because it will encourage you and help you to believe in yourself that you can. One of their biggest points that they drive home often throughout the book is that babies are hardwired to breastfeed. That instinctually they know how to do it and although it is a learned skill, it is within their physiology to breastfeed.

A friend of mine has been caring for a newborn for the last week until he goes to his adoptive parents. She took him out last night and forgot a bottle. A friend of hers, who is breastfeeding her own toddler, offered to try to feed him. The newborn latched right on with no problems, no confusion and ate like a champ!!! I’ve heard of this happening, but have never known a baby who did it! I thought that was really awesome and is such a good representation of how a woman’s body is designed to take care of new life and a new baby is designed to accept and depend on that.

I think pregnancy, birth and postpartum and breastfeeding are so fascinating. I’m sure this doesn’t excite most people. I guess it’s why I do what I do, huh?


To take a look at the book, or their website, go here.