name change

na:ta:lis; nah:TAH:lis
1. a day of a person’s birth
2. birthday

origin: latin; in use throughout the ages/unknown
descendants: English: natal

As you may have noticed, I changed my business name from Cocoon Birthing Services to Natalis Birthing Services. There has been a discrepancy with my name, as there is another doula business with a very similar name in the state. They asked me to consider changing my name and although I was very disappointed, I realized it was the best decision for myself.

Just like the origin of the word, birthdays have been around since the dawn of time. Women have been giving birth and this new life that comes forth has been celebrated.

But it isn’t just the birth of the baby. It’s the birth of a mom. And a dad. And a family. With this new life, comes a completely new beginning.

A birthday isn’t just the birth of a baby. Yes, that is what we celebrate, but it is so much more.

I get to be a part of birth days a lot. I get to see the transformation of a pregnant women become a mother with her baby in her arms for the very first time. I see grown men pump fists into the air and hear their voices crack as they call their families and share the news. I watch little ones’ eyes get huge eyes as they become a big sister or brother and meet baby. I witness pure pride in grandparents’ smiles. I see this transformation on a regular basis and it is magical. Birth days are magical. And as I walk with these families for the first several weeks after their baby’s birth it is incredible to me to see how much they have grown. How they have transformed. How much they have changed.

These birthdays change these families’ lives. They change me, too.

I’m sorry for any confusion this may cause and please know that Cocoon Birthing Services hasn’t dissolved, just changed its name. 🙂

We are still celebrating birthdays over here, and all that entails.