Why I am a Doula

Why I am a doula photo 1My name is Emily Osburn and I am 31 years old. I grew up in Colorado Springs, but have lived all over the US. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 6 years and we have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son.

I had both of my babies with midwives in a hospital. With my daughter I was induced after being 8 days overdue because I got impatient. Other than the induction, I gave birth to her with no other interventions. After that experience, I decided I would not get induced again. With my son, I was also 8 days overdue, but went into labor on my own and gave birth to him with no intervention at all.

I refused to see pregnancy as a “condition”, but chose to see it as a normal process of life. I don’t believe there is only one right way to have a baby or to labor, but what I chose for myself changed my life. I walked away from them feeling empowered and strong. Through my pregnancies I became GreeneFamily_080incredibly passionate about women during pregnancy, their labor and postpartum period. I didn’t grow up always thinking I wanted to work with pregnant women.

It was something that was born out of my own experiences.

I believe it’s incredibly important for women to assist, encourage and be with other women during this time. Its been this way since the  beginning of humankind. I am passionate about women having the birth they desire. I want to encourage them, educate them and help them believe and trust in themselves and their bodies. I want women and their partners to know their choices and be able to make a decision they feel comfortable and happy with. Bringing a life into this world is such a monumental time and I hope to help make it an experience in which the momma walks away feeling proud of herself and capable for the new incredible journey ahead of her.

I am a certified labor doula [CLD] through CAPPA and a member of the Pikes Peak Regional Doula Association. [PPRDA]. I am also a local midwife’s assistant and use a completely different set of skills in that capacity. I am continuously learning vast amounts of valuable information so I can serve and help your family better.